Brits - The Swedish Word for Bunk

What does brits mean? Brits is the Swedish word for bunk. Some of its most common inflections are britsen, britsar.

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  • Bunk
  • Britsen
  • Britsar
  • What does brits mean?: Brits is the Swedish word for bunk
Swedish News:
  • Dear Brits! (2016-06-19, DI)
    We have much in common. We share the same rainy low pressure trajectory from the North Atlantic, the same longing for Gran Canaria, have the same good popular cultural taste in music, we understand the importance of free markets, independent companies, free routes, a strong navy and that meetings should start on time. We are a little skeptical towards the latent socialist continental Europeans, we lean heavily on America and we have no intention of getting rid of our royal families, our currencies or the Christian cross on the flags.. Learn Swedish Online - read the full article
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