Accentuera - The Swedish Word for Accentuate

What does accentuera mean? Accentuera is the Swedish word for accentuate. Some of its most common inflections are accentuerade, accentuerat, accentuera, accentuerar. Some common Swedish words that are synonyms to accentuera are betona, framhålla, markera. A great example sentence to help you learn Swedish is 'Motsättningen mellan länderna har accentuerats', which translates into 'International discord has become more pronounced'. Add comments below to help other Swedish students. There are currently 0 comments for the Swedish word accentuera.

  • Accentuate
  • Accentuerade
  • Accentuerat
  • Accentuera
  • Accentuerar
  • Motsättningen mellan länderna har accentuerats: International discord has become more pronounced
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