Swedish Course Lesson 1 - Phrases

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The best way to learn Swedish is probably to get out there and practice speaking. In the example below, our Swedish learner Olof is on his way to the airport to take off for a year abroad studying Swedish. We will begin with the full exchange in Swedish, followed by a translation to English.

The conversation in Swedish

Jag heter Olof, vad heter du?
Jag heter Sven, trevligt att träffas!
Trevligt att träffas! Jag är på väg till flygplatsen, vet du vad klockan är?
Ja, klockan är 21:00.
Oj! Då är jag sen. Mitt plan lyfter om 60 minuter.
Oj! Lycka till!
Tack, och hej då!
Hej då!

In Swedish, the word "oj" is often used to express surprise or to emphasize something. In this conversation it can be translated to English as "wow".

The conversation in English

My name is Olof, what is your name?
My name is Sven, nice to meet you!
Nice to meet you! I am on my way to the airport, do you know what time it is?
Yes, it is 9pm.
Wow! Then I am late. My plane departs in 60 minutes.
Wow! Good luck!
Thank you, and goodbye!

More Swedish conversations to come at a later date.