Hilarious Swedish Idioms


Well known to students of Swedish, the language is full of nonsensical idioms. Who knew that "att ana ugglor i mossen" (literally, to suspect owls in the bog) really means that something is wrong/off. This blog post takes thirteen very common, but pretty funny, idioms and explaining them. Read on for explanations of "nära skjuter ingen hare", "fastna med skägget i brevlådan", "smaken är som baken, delad", "finns det hjärterum så finns det stjärterum", "ta sig vatten äver huvudet" and more!

As a note, the idiom "gå som katten kring het gröt" is listed in the blog, but not explained. It translates to the English idiom "beat around the bush".

Another good idiom to learn is "vara het på gröten", which literally translates to "being hot on the porridge". What!? It really means that somebody is impatient, or acting too early.

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Haha Swedes are funny!

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