Finding your Swedish Ancestors


Many of you are interested in discovering where your Swedish ancestors came from. This website gives a great background into Swedish Church Records, letters to and from Sweden, Death Records, Patronymics etc. The site is the official website of the Swedish Genealogy Society and is a treasure trove for anyone looking to discover your Swedish Roots.

The information and research skills you learn at can easily be applied when building your family tree at

The team behind Daily Swedish used to trace their descent back to nobility during the 1100s... not sure about the accuracy that far back, but we are confident in the family tree on the Swedish side of the family dating back to the 1600s!!

Many famous Americans are of Swedish descent. Notable examples include: Buzz Aldrin (Astronaut), Charles R. Walgreen (founder of Walgreen's pharmacy chain), Michael Kors (fashion designer), Eli Lilly (founder of the pharmaceutical company bearing his name), Mark Wahlberg (actor), Emma Stone (actress), and Kirsten Dunst (actress). You can read more about famous Swedish Americans here.

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