Our Goal: Help You Learn Swedish Online

Daily Swedish is run by a native Swedish speaker and is intended for students of the Swedish language at any level of learning. The site generates five new words every day, in three levels of difficulty, which ensures that you will always learn something new every day. Daily Swedish was created to fill a void in the large universe of Swedish language websites available. Daily Swedish contains at least five features not available elsewhere:

  1. No other Swedish word of the day website lets the visitor view 5 new Swedish words per day
  2. The ability to pick beginner, intermediate or difficult words sets Daily Swedish apart from other online Swedish language websites
  3. The innovative quiz tool lets the Swedish student test his or her knowledge after practicing the words of the day
  4. The en or ett quiz is a unique study tool that Swedish students can use to master the genders of Swedish nouns
  5. Where available, word pages display excerpts of contemporary news stories, with the featured Swedish word underlined, allowing visitors to practice Swedish in context using high quality news articles

Daily Swedish makes learning Swedish fun, fast, and free. Use Daily Swedish to quickly expand your Swedish vocabulary. Best of all, it is completely free!

Daily Swedish is built upon the dictionary from Folkets Lexikon. Folkets Lexikon is a free peer-supported online Swedish dictionary distributed under the Distributed Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 Generic license.

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